LAUNCH Festival
Verizon Ventures Lunch
Thursday, March 3 at 12PM

Verizon Ventures invites you to join us for lunch and roundtable discussions on industry specific trends. Moderated by Verizon Ventures and its portfolio companies, don’t miss this opportunity to share your views on trending topics and network with a curated group of entrepreneurs and investors.

Topics will include:

 Investment Trends in 2016
The Connected Car
Enterprise Data and Search
Marketing Technology
Mobile Engagement


12PM - Lunch
12:30PM - Dave Famolari: welcome remarks, moderator introductions, and discussion kick-off:

  • Investing in 2016: Tech Sectors That Are Heating Up and Cooling Off For Investors
    From virtual reality to drones, 2016 brings a variety of investment opportunities in sectors that are anticipated to take off. This discussion will explore industries and companies that will benefit from breakthrough innovations.
  • Connected Car: Democratizing Connected Car Technology
    The dawn of autonomous driving is closer than we think and modern smartphones have the intelligence to enable such advancements. Learn how machine learning and vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology can enhance safety on the road. 
  • Enterprise Data and Search: Why Entrepreneurs Should Pay Attention to Search
    Chances are that as your business idea materializes and your product takes form, you'll quickly experience that all the data flowing around you will quickly become overwhelming. Marketing materials, investment offers, customer data etc. are all important and hugely valuable data, but what if you can't find the right piece when you need it? We'll discuss tools that smoothly surf the data lake as it unfolds.
  • MarTech: The Current and Future State of Marketing Technology
    Ushering in the new marketing renaissance is the demand generation manager. This highly analytical, tool-driven orchestrator sits at the intersection of the entire marketing stack – between content marketing, sales automation, marketing automation and ad optimization. With that, marketing technology is becoming more interconnected throughout the business organization as a whole, and the most sophisticated of organizations will lead this charge while others may be left in the dust. 
  • Mobile Engagement: The World Goes Mobile: Improving Customer Loyalty and Brand Engagement
    When seeking to enhance customer engagement brands can’t afford to overlook mobile strategies, thus it’s important to leverage the devices that remain by our side 24/7. We’ll explore strategies that can deliver personalized experiences to consumers through engaging and relevant mobile experiences.

1:30PM - Networking

Request your invite ASAP, space is limited!