On Tuesday, March 1st, we’ll bring together 25 angel investors to present their portfolios, goals, and approaches to angel investing for founders to get to know. In these 15-minute talks, angels will present what they’ve invested in, how they add value, and what they're looking for--and not looking for--in pitches.

Know a great Angel Investor?

Tuesday March 1

11:00AM - 12:00PM 

Tom McInerney, Simplicity
 Jennifer Lum, Investing has made me a better entrepreneur
Jason Lemkin, The Super, Way Early indicators that presage hyper-growth SaaS companies
Alex Mittal, Common Fundraising Mistakes: Learned both personally as a founder over the past decade, and from thousands of founders we meet every year at FundersClub

Group Q&A with Tom McInerney, Jennifer Lum, Jason Lemkin, and Alex Mittal

12:00PM 1:00PM 

Ed Roman, Successfully fundraising on AngelList
 Gil Penchina, Helping angels graduate to super-angels
Peter Pham, How to Raise Money: What I learned from getting 3,000 Nos in four years

Group Q&A with Ed Roman, Gil Penchina and Peter Pham

1:00PM - 2:00PM LUNCH + DEMO PIT

2:00PM 3:00PM 

Paul Judge, The Cybersecurity Market
 Ariel Poler, Human enhancing technologies
Stephanie Palmeri, How much funding is enough?

Group Q&A with Paul Judge, Ariel Poler and Stephanie Palmeri 

3:00PM 4:00PM 

Cyan Banister, People Serving People: Why I can't and won't stop working
 Jonathan Triest, Using authenticity and creativity to get whatever you want
Wayee Chu, How EdTech startups are bringing opportunity and access to the classroom
Dave Samuel, Dave's top 10 pieces of advice to an entrepreneur 

Group Q&A with Cyan Banister, Jonathan Triest, Wayee Chu, and Dave Samuel

4:00PM 5:00PM 

Brock Pierce, Understanding the Brave New World of Crypto Securities
 Ric Fulop, Opportunities in physical and hardware ventures
Steven MacDonald, Four lessons of a Founder/CEO
Danielle Morrill, What it takes to get companies to Series A from seed: a data driven perspective and how that is changing everything 

Group Q&A with Brock Pierce, Ric Fulop, Steven MacDonald, Danielle Morrill 

5:00PM 6:00PM 

Auren Hoffman, Does Total Addressable Market matter for start-ups? Auren's answer: Yes, but it should be small TAM, not large
 Fabrice Grinda, Lessons from a Super Angel
Tom Williams, The survival economy
Shahin Farshchi, Frontier technologies: Robotics, Space, the Brain, and Transportation

Group Q&A with Auren Hoffman, Fabrice Grinda, Tom Williams, Shahin Farshchi 



To attend the Angel Summit, there are two ticket options:


Option 1:

Angel Summit Ticket

Attend both the Angel Summit and Angel Dinner on Tuesday March 1
(Note: this ticket does not include LAUNCH Festival, March 2-4)


Option 2:

Super VIP Ticket

Access to all of the following:

Final rehearsals of the launching companies, February 29th
Angel Summit and Angel Dinner, March 1st
Entrance to the LAUNCH Festival, March 2-4, with priority seating in all stages
Three additional VIP Dinners, March 2, March 3, March 4